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Happy New Year 2020

Eric Byrd January 2, 2020 668

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A short message from Eric to welcome you to the new year and the new decade of networking!

Episode 009: It’s a new year and a new decade dawns! In this brief message Eric welcomes you to 2020 and shares some thoughts about what we’ll try to accomplish together with the show this year. Sometimes networking is messy and we can embrace that together to figure out how to become resilient and thrive.
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Happy and Prosperous 2020 to you!

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There is no Infographic for this episode (they will pick up with the next full episode)… but you can read the transcript below.

Episode Text:

Well, another new year is upon us. So what do you plan to make it this new year? It’s a new decade offers new beginnings than all that fun stuff. So what can you expect to the show from 2020? Let’s talk about it.
Well, I thought I would create a special episode here, kind of off schedule and welcome everybody to 2020 Little New Year’s message from me to you for all the adventurers out there. And it is a new beginning, and new beginnings are a nice opportunity to take stock and think about what’s happened in the past year or decade and to think about what we want to do moving forward. And one of the themes that I have decided is important and that I want to continue to explore in this show with you is the idea that networking isn’t always easy. It can be difficult, and sometimes it can be messy. That’s the way life is, isn’t it? Sometimes things don’t exactly go the way we planned them to, and that that’s just the way life is. And it’s important to recognize that fact when you’re doing the planning that things aren’t going to turn out necessarily the way you think they will or the way that you intend to them, too. But that doesn’t mean that it’s bad. It doesn’t mean that it wrong. It’s just the way it is. That’s how the universe operates.
So let’s embrace that a little bit. It’s really nice to be able to share that with people, especially in networking, because networking revolves around people. It’s all about people. And let’s face it, people are often unpredictable. And who knows what’s gonna happen when we get out there and start interacting with each other? Right? So let’s embrace that some too networking and the process that we go through that we call networking, interacting with people, finding connections, developing relationships, all that is rarely nice and neat with predictable results. So regardless of how optimistic you are or anyone around you is, that’s just the way it’s going to be. I’d like to make sure that we have an opportunity in a place where we can come and talk about that. So a big part of the reason I decided to do the show in the first place was there aren’t a whole lot of safe places for us to talk about the messy parts, the things that don’t go well, the doubts that we have, the questions that nag us or the little irritations that we don’t think we should have.
Somebody will ask me how I’m doing and I say “Fine, I can’t complain. But somehow I still do.” But this also points out a truism, at least in my life maybe in yours, too, that no matter how great things are going, there’s always things that you’re just trying to figure out, and I think that that’s the point of this show. We’re all in some way, shape or form, just trying to figure these things out, and I’d like for us to have the opportunity to do that together, I think that there’s power in relationship. Networking is all about creating relationships. That’s part of the process is to find people that we can connect with in that we can form these relationships with so that we’re not alone in this world or alone in this process of trying to figure out our business. And that’s the power of networking.
It’s also sometimes the drawback, because those things are not always easy. So I want this discussion that we’re having, this conversation, to be about what happens for real, like what’s actually happening in your day to day, week to week. How are you interacting with people? What’s going on? What’s not working? What’s frustrating you? What makes you nuts? And sometimes I find the things that make me nuts are the little things. It’s the little things… everything’s going fine… except this one thing that I can’t quite figure out, or get to go the way I want it to. Sometimes it’s a major thing. Sometimes I sit and look at the sky and wonder what on earth am I going to do and how am I going to do it? But I’ve found that by identifying those things, by naming those things, that we are able to then start to address them and to make some decisions about what we want to do. So much of life is outside of our control, most of it, in my opinion. But yet we still have agency to take action. We still get to decide how we act, how we choose to do things.
And so let’s share with each other how we are addressing these things and how we’re doing these things. Sometimes you’ll address whatever’s going on in your networking world by trying something different to help with that. Sometimes I’ll present you with something that’s a slightly different perspective, something that’s not the normal way to think about something. Maybe I’ll interview somebody that you don’t quite expect. Maybe I’ll find some information and present it in such a way that it’s not the way everybody always talks about it. The idea is to give you more information and more ideas about how you might approach things so that you find the solutions that you need. Sometimes it’s just about being resilient and sticking with it and having the confidence to be able to keep going in the face of adversity or when it doesn’t look like it’s working at all. I have lots and lots of examples when I’ve tried things and they didn’t appear to work at all, and some of them legitimately didn’t work.
But some of them just needed time to sort of catch on or for me to refine them so that I could then make them productive or figure out what it should be and how I ought to do it. Sometimes it’s having people around you to help you figure out that you should just keep going forward. So what I’m really doing here is inviting you to be part of a community that helps each other figure these things out and to share with each other when you need to get motivated or inspired, or to share something that happened with you that we can all rejoice in and celebrate together.
I started this podcast because I’m committed toe having that conversation with you. I want to get into the messy stuff. I want you to understand that you’re not the only one who’s dealing with the messy stuff. I’m perfectly clear that I don’t have all the answers. I’ve done a lot of things. I’ve experienced a lot of things. I have opinions about most things, but that doesn’t mean that I have all of the answers for you. But it just may be that together we can find the one answer that you need when you need it. And that’s the whole purpose behind this podcast for me to present ideas and for me to have other people present ideas so that you can get what you need so that you can find that one thing that’s gonna help you get through that next event or that next sale or that next week so that you can keep on being resilient and keep on moving forward.
So I thank you for listening. It’s truly a non er to be able to do this. Gratitude is certainly something that I’m going to be focusing a lot more on in 2020. I am grateful for lots of things in my life. This podcast, and the ability that I have to be able to even dude in the first place is certainly one of those things. So I truly appreciate you taking the time to be part of this conversation and listening and participating and leaving questions and comments and letting me know what you think. I hope that you get lots of value or you’re just entertained, if nothing else. So here’s to a prosperous and successful 2020. Now, if you’d like to share your number one resolution or goal that you’re trying to achieve for 2020 please leave that in the comments at the page for this episode. And if you’d like, you can record it using the microphone button until next time. Remember, life is an adventure, so keep exploring!

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